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[NOTE: following each name is a 4-alpha code for the purpose of adding footnotes or matrix notes in the future.  This pedigree is from Charlemagne to my grandson, Sean]
Kaiser Karl the Great [Charlemagne], King of Germany and France
[IPAA]born April 2, 742; died January 28, 814
married to Hildegard of Linzgau [IPAB] in 768,divorced 769 because she had not reached puberty, remarried her 771 when she reached puberty [born 758, died April 30, 783]
begat his third, her second child:
Carloman Pippin I, King of Langobardia
[IQAA] born April 12, 773 in Aachen, Rhineland, baptized in Rome by immersion by Pope Adrian I on April 12, 781; died July 8, 810; married to Bertha de Toulouse [IQAB] in 795
begat first child
Bernhard, King of Italy
[IRAA] born circa 797 in Vermandois, Normandy; died April 17, 818 in St.Amrosius parish, Milan, Lombardy, following complications two days after having his eyes removed as punishment for plotting against his uncle, Emporer Louis the Pious.  This plot had been retaliation against Empress Ermengarde’s schemes to favour her son for succession to Italy’s throne. The other plotters were castrated and stripped of their assets. (Partially to nip the succession scheme in the bud, Bernhard had abdicated the throne Dec. 25, 817 in favour of his son born that day, Pippin Quentin, but that son was never formally crowned)
married to Kunigunde of Laon [IRAB] in 813; [birthdate unknown; died June 15, 835]
begat only child
Pippin II, Count of Peronne, Senlis, Quentin and Vermandois, Prince of Italy
[ISAA]born December 25, 817; murdered 841; wife’s name [ISAB] unknown
begat first child
Heribert I, 3rd  Count of Vermandois (893-908)
[ITAA]born 840; murdered 908; married Beatrice de Morvois [ITAB] [born circa 840, died circa 890]
begat first child
Kunigunde, 4th Countess of Vermandois
[IUAA] Born ??, died circa 943
married in 918 to Eldo I, Count of Wetterau [IUAB], [birth unknown; died December 2, 949]
begat fourth child
Konrad, 2nd Count of Rheingau (949-997) Herzog of Swabia (982-997)
[IVAA] born 920; died July 20, 997; married to Jutta [IVAB] ?
begat only child
Hermann II, Herzog of Swabia (997-1003)
[IWAA]birth unknown; died May 4, 1003;
married in 988 to Gerberge of Burgundy [IWAB]
begat second child
Gisela, Countess of Swabia and Brunswick
[IXAA]born Nov. 11, 985; died Feb. 14, 1043;
married (her 3rd marriage, with unproven suspicions of treachery against her first two wealthy husbands, which made her a prize for the Emporer) 1016 to Kaiser Konrad II, King of Burgundy and Germany, Holy Roman Emporer (1027-1039)[birth unknown; died June 4, 1039] [IXAB]
begat her third, his first child
Kaiser Heinrich III, King of Germany, Holy Roman Emporer (1039-1056)
[IYAA]born October 28, 1017, died October 5, 1056 in Bodfeld, Hartz;
second marriage November 21, 1043 to Agnes [IYAB], daughter of William III, Count of Poitou; [born circa 1020; died December 14, 1077].  He had sufficient power that he was able to go to Rome in 1046 to fire the Pope, and install a German Pope of his choice.  That Pope was soon poisoned by Vatican Italians, so Heinrich installed another German Pope, also soon poisoned, so Heinrich installed a third German Pope, who managed to outlive Heinrich.
begat his seventh (first boy), her sixth child
Kaiser Heinrich IV, King of Germany, Holy Roman Emporer (1084-1105)
[IZAA]born November 11, 1050 in Goslar; died August 7, 1106 in Louvain, Belgium;
married July 13,1066 to Bertha de Maurienne [IZAB] [birth unknown, died December 27, 1087].  In 1076, Heinrich fired Pope Gregory VII and attempted to install Pope Clement III.  Pope Gregory went to war, finally being defeated in 1084 when Heinrich captured Rome.  Heinrich crowned Pope Clement, and Clement crowned Heinrich as Holy Roman Emporer.  However, Crown Prince Heinrich [later Heinrich V] had supported the Pope Gregory movement and continued the civil war in France and the Benelux, finally jailing his father and forcing him to abdicate in 1105.
begat fifth child
Lady Agnes of Franconia-Savoy
[HAAA]born 1073; died September 24, 1143
married 1089 to Friedrich I, Herzog of Swabia-Hohenstaufen [HAAB]; [born 1050; died Jan. 20, 1105]
begat second child
Friedrich II, Herzog of Swabia-Hohenstaufen (1105-1147)
[HBAA] born 1090; died April 6, 1147;
married 1123 to Judith of Bavaria [HBAB] [born 1100; died Feb.22, 1131]
begat second child
Lady Jutta of Swabia-Hohenstaufen
[HCAA]born 1129; died July 7, 1191;
married 1150 to Ludwig II, Count of Thueringen [HCAB]; [born 1128; died October 14, 1172]
begat only child
Hermann I, Count of Thueringen and Saxony, Holy Crusader
[HDAA]born 1160; died in the Battle of Gotha April 25, 1217; hero of the Songster’s War 1190-1197; crusader 1197 to 1217
married March, 1182 to Sophie of Bavaria-Wittelsbach [HDAB] [born 1170 in Kelheim; died July 10, 1238 in Eisenach]
begat second child
Ludwig IV, Knight Templar, Count of Thueringen, Holy Crusader, Palestine Lord of Meissen, Lausitz and Pleissner
[HEAA] born October 28, 1200; missing in action at the Battle of Otranto, January 11 to 20, 1227;
married 1221 to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary [HEAB] [declared a saint by papal decree on June 1, 1235; born at Pressburg 1207, died at Marburg November 17, 1231; interred in Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Marburg ]
begat second child
Lady Sophie of Thueringen, Duchess of Hesse
[HFAA]born March 20, 1224; died May 20, 1282;
married 1240 to Heinrich the Generous [HFAB], Herzog of Lothringen-Brabant; [born 1187; died at the Battle of Lions, February 1, 1248]
Heinrich the Child, Duke of Hesse (1295-1308), Order of the Black Eagle
[HGAA]born June 24, 1244; died at Marburg December 21, 1308;
married September 10, 1263 to Adelheid of Brunswick [HGAB]; [birth unknown; died June 12, 1274]
begat first child
Lady Sophie of Hesse
[HHAA]born 1264; died August 12, 1331;
married November 24, 1276 to Otto I, Count of Waldeck [HHAB]; [born 1266;died Nov. 11,1305]
Lady Elisabeth of Waldeck
[HIAA]birth and death unknown;
married 1305, annulled because both too young to have sexual intercourse, then re-married 1310 to Dietrich III, Count of Honstein and Klettenberg [HIAB]; [born 1296; died May 4, 1330]
Dietrich V, Count of Honstein and Heringen (1330-1379), Order of the Black Eagle
[HJAA]birth unknown; died 1379;
married 1360 to Sophie of Brunswick [HJAB]; [born 1340; died 1394]
Lady Agnes of Honstein
[HKAA]born 1360; died September 1, 1407;
married date unknown to Christian V, Count of Oldenburg [HKAB]; birth and death unknown
Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg
[HLAA]born 1380; died January 22, 1439
second wife Heilwig, daughter of Count of Schleswig-Holstein[HLAB]; [birth unknown; died 1436]
begat third son
Gerhard VI, Count of Delmenhorst and Oldenburg, Order of the Black Eagle
[HMAA]born 1430; died February 22, 1500;
married May, 1453 to Adelheid, [HMAB] daughter of Nikolaus II, Count of Tecklenburg; [birth unknown; died March 2, 1477]
Johann XIV, Count of Oldenburg
[HNAA]born 1460; died February 10, 1526;
married 1498 to Anna, [HNAB]daughter of Georg I, Earl of Anstalt; [birth unknown; died October 10, 1531]
Georg II, Count of Oldenburg, Order of the Black Eagle
[HOAA]born 1503; died January 21, 1551;
married Heilcke [HOAB]; details unknown
Anna von Oldenburg
[HPAA]details unknown;
married Johann Hunrichs [HPAB]; date unknown; [birth unknown; died February 8, 1607, believed to be over 110 years old]
Frowke Hunrichs
[HQAA]birth unknown; died in Bardenfleth, 1610
married Christoffer Butjenter [HQAB], date unknown,”of the gentry of Bardenfleth”, [born 1564; died at Bardenfleth September 24, 1638]
Catharina Elisabeth Butjenter
[HRAA]birth unknown, died at Syubkelhausen December 28, 1665, believed to be over 100 years old;  married date unknown to Hero Herssen [HRAB], Judge, Mayor of Blexen; [birth unknown; died at Blexen September 27, 1647]
Tide Herssen
[HSAA]born at Blexen date unknown; died at Landeswarfen September 7, 1666;
married Zjurdt Ibbeken [HSAB], Dike-builder, Sail-maker, after 1637 Pastor of the Lutheran Church at Landeswarfen; [born in Landeswarfen July 13, 1606; died at Landeswarfen March 16, 1659]
Hero Ibbeken, Order of the Black Eagle
[HTAA]born at Hohenkirchen January 6, 1644; died at Oldenburg February 25, 1693; Manager of the Harbour;
married in Oldenburg June 10, 1673 to Anna Rebecca Mencke [HTAB]; [born Oldenburg November 7, 1655; died Oldenburg August 1, 1721]
Metta Elisabeth Ibbeken
[HUAA]born in Oldenburg March 10, 1674; died in Oldenburg December 8, 1781 [aged 107];
married in Oldenburg February 8, 1701 to Berend von Harten, [HUAB] businessman; [born in Oldenburg September 15, 1674; died in Oldenburg 1747]
Rotger Diedrich von Harten, Order of the Black Eagle
[HVAA]born  in Oldenburg, June 5, 1726; died at Varel, August 14, 1830 [aged 104]
married June 30, 1752 at Varel to Sophia Elisabeth Sievkin [HVAB] [details unknown]
Gerhard von Harten XI, Order of the Black Eagle
[HWAA]born in Varel, March 30,1753; died at Bockhorn, January 17, 1818
married September 8, 1780 to Maria [HWAB] ?? [born early October, 1748 (baptized Oct.12); died January 18, 1810]
Diedrich Gerhard von Harten XII, Senator for Oldenburg
[HXAA]born in Bockhorn February 23, 1784; died December 18, 1841
married February 3, 1825 to ??[HXAB] born ?? died March 28, 1853
Anton Hermann von Harten, Order of the Black Eagle
[HYAA]born in Bockhorn January 4, 1827; died in Bockhorn June 28, 1878
married December 28, 1868 to ???[HYAB] born in Firrel, May 30,1846; died in Varel July 8, 1910
begat first child
Jelsche Jakob Hanrich von Harten
[HZAA]born February 16, 1868; died March 18, 1968 [aged 100]
married in Firrel, September 13,1896 to Gretje Reiners [HZAB] [born in Firrell, January 30, 1870; died in Ockenhausen (in childbirth), March 2, 1908]
begat first child
Anton Hinrich von Harten, Order of the Black Eagle
[IAAA]born in Ockenhausen, July 24, 1897; died in Varel; engineer of the Hansa automobile;
married in Zetel, April 22, 1922 to Anna Sophie Marie Krumland [IAAB] [born December 21, 1900; died in Varel, 1985]
begat first child
Johann Heinrich von Harten XIX
[IBAA]born August 14, 1922 at Schweinebruecken
married September 10, 1948 in Varel to Liesel Schaefer [IBAB], [born May 28, 1926 in Oberhausen; died 1997 in Pulaski, NY]
begat second child
Karl Heinz von Harten II, Order of the Black Eagle
[OAAA]born October 6,1950 at Varel
married second wife Mairi Stewart [OAAC] at Toronto December 24, 1980
begat his fifth, her second child
Kyle John von Harten
[SNAA]born October 24, 1986 at Etobicoke
with Sarah Carrierre [SNAB]
begat first child
Sean Kyle von Harten
[BMAA]born May 8, 2008 at Mississauga