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[DFOA]Let me preface this adventure with a warning comment:  I shall frequently stray from my theme into side issues, sometimes long strings of side-bar commentary.  To provide coherency in the long run, I will be labelling each paragraph with an appropriate 4-alpha key into the matrix being constructed elsewhere; i.e., following the example of the original version of Lamentations [although this matrix is 26 to the 4th power; and Lamentations was 22 to the 3rd power].  As well, a double asterix (**) within the body of a paragraph, will indicate a future foot-note.  In the long run, then, the reader can peruse the individual paragraphs in alphabetical order for a coherent following of the themes or sub-themes [i.e., sub-themes can be followed by considering only the second, or third, or fourth integer, in alphabetical order.]


[OYOA]This blog is to be devoted to several themes.

First, I will be commenting on anything that I think will be of interest to anyone with the surname ‘von Harten’.  What connects us is

a) varying degrees of ‘family’ feelings, sentiment, nostalgia, emotion;

b) the name ‘von Harten’ given to us, inherited, borrowed, adopted, and stolen – and there are several story-lines to follow there, going back to the year 1215 which is the first written use ** of the name I’ve discovered to date;

c) a specific DNA pattern in our blood which can be scientifically ascertained.  In the first instalments of this blog, I want to stick as closely as possible to what can be verified according to the current academic standards of history, and/or the current standards of science, but I will eventually stray far off into the left field of speculation, because I think I can take the story back one million years.


[OYOB]I first became interested in family history at the age of ten, when I began two decades of correspondence with my mother’s elder brother concerning that side of the family.  In my 20s, I started researching my father’s side of the family, and this also became an interest of my brother subsequently.  Between the two of us, in the ensuing 40 years, we have been able to gather quite a bit of information.  To what we’ve gathered on our own, we’ve been able to add extensive original documentation first gathered by our uncle Karl (whom I’m named after) who was an ardent Nazi as a teen-ager, intent on proving 700 years of pure Aryan heritage ** in order to be able to ascend in the Nazi hierarchy.  I have also received research assistance from the Mormons who have their own odd religious reasons ** for determining family history.


[CCOA]I need to side-bar here, in my uncle’s defence:  just before he went missing in action aged 17 years and 7 months, he was home on leave, and in his final conversation with my father at the station, waiting for the train back to the Eastern Front, he stated he was having severe second thoughts about Nazi ideology.   After 1933 in Germany, all Germans became members of the Hitler Jugend on their 10th birthday.  Membership was compulsory and automatic.  This organization was the chief brainwashing vehicle used by the Nazis against young people, and everyone who had not received a proper moral upbringing at home by the age of six (when the moral life-pattern is set **), succumbed to the propaganda.  The Hitler Jugend used popular music, athletic activities, scouting activities, camaradie, and various forms of peer pressure to gain and maintain enthusiasm **.  It also deliberately scheduled compulsory meetings for the same time-slot as church services, to stem any possibility of spiritual counter-propaganda.   In some communities, this became a game where the churches kept changing their service times, and the Nazis would counter with their own time changes – it became a game played much better by Nazis than by priests.  [The recent attempts to remove Canadian citizenship from immigrants who arrived half a century ago ** and are all close to 90 years old now, merely because they failed to disclose past Hitler Youth membership during the immigration process, is fatuous nonsense – membership was compulsory and mere membership should not stigmatize these people.] 


[QSOA]The second area of discussion will be examination of the power in the blood.

Since 1981, I have been one of 74 participants in a specific human genome study. Each of us carries tens of thousands of genes which have not been activated.  The difference between the DNA pattern of a human being and a mouse or elephant or other mammal is less than 5%.  But the genes which are ‘turned on’ in a mouse are substantially different from those that are ‘turned on’ in a human being.  The overwhelming majority of genes that we carry have not been ‘turned on’.  The objective of most genome study is eventually to find a way to turn specific genes off or on – including, hopefully, the everlasting-life gene, if such there be.  The 74 participants in my study have one specific gene ‘turned on’ that most people do not.  This gene governs the way the body deals with foods which normally promote bad cholesterol.  I can eat a 25,000 calorie high-cholesterol meal and gain neither weight nor cholesterol.  Since December, 1967, I have weighed within an ounce or two of 152 pounds (three short-term exceptions in 1969, 2002, and 2009 when I lost weight during illness**).  I am an inch-and-a-bit taller than my father, who is an inch-and-a-bit taller than his father.  My father kept a weight of 148 pounds all his adult life until recent illness (he is now in his 89th year, and does have health issues).  My father’s father maintained a weight of 143 pounds for over 70 years.  Evidently, I inherited my gene from my father.  I have never met, face to face, a FAT male von Harten (whose blood is Rh negative).  Is there a fat von Harten out there?


[IPOA]In addition to having this one gene ‘turned on’, the 74 participants in my study all share descent from Charlemagne, specifically in two lines:  we are all von Hartens or Medicis.  Both families have identical legends of origin, with the von Harten story occurring on the shore of the North Sea in 1232 ad **, and the Medici story occurring on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in 1234 ad **.  I’ll return to the legend later.  First, back to the blood.


[ENIA]I want to quote first a comment made by my fellow-Kangaroo Poet on my Facebook page.  That string begins here (over 50 quite interesting comments):!/permalink.php?story_fbid=155430141141048&id=1311723916

and points made therein by Syd and Michael will be relevant to this discussion.  The quote from Syd:

“RE: Karl “millions of other people to interpose their concepts” and Robbin “oppressed by the thoughts...of others” – I recall Karl’s ‘propaganda’ sermon ** during his brief two month career as a pastor; the Sunday before the Canadian Separate Schools Basketball Championship Game in which he played **, [any of the Kangaroos remember the exact date? July, 1970, maybe?].  I was in rabbinical training at the time, and that night we argued all night on who was responsible for fulfilling the terms of covenants made not by us, but on behalf of us by others.  One of the points in his sermon had been that less than 5% of our thoughts were our own; the rest were put into us by others as propaganda.  He believed that we were nevertheless responsible for calling back those thoughts-not-ours and cancelling them.  Those that know me may remember that at that time I accepted no scriptures after Abraham.  My father (now 90) is Jewish, my mother (now 87) is Muslim; they have been together, maintaining their separate and opposing faiths, for 65 years; they agreed that each would pass their faith on to me, concentrating on the shared doctrines, and avoiding the differences.  The issue of debate was:  did the covenant God made with Abraham, or the curses [God] placed on Ishmael thousands of years before my birth, have moral application to me?  That’s subject for another discussion, but my point here is along the same lines:  fear/guilt/shame/hate arising in us from the thoughts of others are NOT our fault unless we assent to adopting those thoughts as our own.”  Syd raises four separate points in that one paragraph; the one of interest here is the abiding connection between blood-line and unconscious human behaviour.

[QDOA]All of the leading, royal and noble families of Western Civilization carry the Carolingian (descendant of Charlemagne) blood-line.  I mean leading in the sense that they continuously find themselves in the forefront of state, church and science.  This includes every American President ** to date, even Obama **.  Many also carry the Merovingian blood-line.  The claim has been made that Jesus had children through Mary Magdalene ** and that such was the origin of the Merovingian blood-line.  I have never found sound historical evidence to support that claim; I do not believe it.  The Merovingian blood-line can, however, be reliably identified for about 1700 years.  What is its origin, and why do its carriers walk in the halls of leadership?  What are these leaders following?


[IPOB]Most von Hartens, perhaps all, have both Carolingian and Merovingian blood-lines.  I carry three Carolingian and one Merovingian strain.  I have posted the most verifiable strain at .  There seems to be a desire, expressed by the blood itself (as some sort of unconscious guiding hand?) to constantly refresh the blood-line through matings with other recipients of the blood-line.  I have an example in my own life – I have sired six sons in the course of four relationships and one accident.  Four of those sons have a stronger blood-line than I do.  The mother of my second son (the accident) was of the House of Orange; that son has 5 Carolingian and 2 Merovingian strains.  The mother of my 4th and 5th sons was of the House of Stewart/Stuart, and they have 5 Carolingian and 3 Merovingian strains, which means their DNA pattern is almost identical to Prince Harry’s (not Prince William, though; he was cloned from the blood taken in 1979 from the Shroud of Turin **, thus has Jesus’ DNA ** literally in his flesh, and when he is baptised by the Evil Ghost ** at his coronation ** as King Arthur II **, he will become literally in his flesh the abomination of desolation ** which prophecy speaks about **).  The mother of my 6th son is of the House of Sinclair; he has 4 Carolingian and 2 Merovingian strains.  The grandson through my 5th son re-combines the Acadian Merovingian ** strain to give him 5 Carolingian and 4 Merovingian strains.  Does the blood seek itself; is it attracted to itself; does it control our subconscious to produce relationships which will breed true?


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